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Md nadim
Jun 15, 2022
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Even if you do not register as a member, after using WeChat payment to purchase goods in the store, the business card of the shopping guide will be displayed directly on the payment page. Take my experience as an example. At that time, I just wanted to buy a pack of paper. The shopping guide told me that there was a limited time offer, so I was immediately moved. Then she guided me during the checkout and said that registered members can be more favorable, maybe it is Out of the mentality of "taking an ws number list inch", I wanted more discounts on the basis of already discounted, I was converted again, and the process of registering a member itself needs to go through a series of steps such as adding a service account. Following the public account, and searching for small programs. , although it is a bit cumbersome, but it is in the checkout process itself, and these times are still affordable. In the connection of internal traffic in the private domain, the applet, the official account, and the video account play the role of facade , connecting the public domain and the private domain.
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Md nadim

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