Corporate Membership Options

Companies can also become a member or sponsor events. By selecting a corporate membership your company and employees gain access to all the maker space equipment and maker community resources. Advance the next big project and start a collaboration with the maker factory. Need a part or prototype quick? Join and get access to make it yourself or test an idea for market. Our staff can help you design and build it, as well as teach you new skills to advance your ideas. 

Corp Member


Corporate monthly membership get access to most tools and shop during regular business hours days & weekends for 2 - 6 people


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Corp Sponsor


Corporate sponsors can partner with Maker Factory for collaberative projects or corporate events. Contact us to discover more


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Want to see what Maker Factory is? Come take a free tour and learn what we have to offer your business



Does you business have problems? Makers have solutions! 

Contact us to schedule a Hackathon event to discover innovative solutions to evolve your business. 317-965-2565